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Home » Green Bikes & Scooter » EVT 168

EVT 168 Electric Moped

evt 168 electric scooters


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Retro styling meets technologically advanced design. The 2007 model 168 features the Gen II Hub Motor. Larger and more efficient than previous motors, the Gen II quietly powers the electric 168 scooter with absolutely zero-emissions.
Electric Power say goodbye to the messy gas, oil, plugs, grease and noisy mufflers of petrol engines say hello to ultra-clean, smooth power.
Simple and Smart just plug your charger into any common 220v outlet, and in a few hours your scooter is fully charged and ready to go for only pennies a charge.
Outstanding range and practicality a 48 volt system delivers up to 45 miles on a single charge and a max speed of 30 mph, ideal for the average commuter.


CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: n/a

Power: 2000W

Batteries: Sealed Lead Acid

Top Speed: 28 mph

Range: 20-25 miles

Charge time: 6 hours (80%)


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Vectrix maxi-scooter

evt 168

Reviewed by Mark from Selby on 04 April 2011

What can I say I got this Electric moped for the wife it's well built and fast for a Electric Bike ( MOPED ) I think I've had more fun on it as the wife can't get the EVT on it's stand she is only 4ft 11" if you are looking for a Electric Moped the EVT is a must & will save you a lot of money with the price of fuel today or & by the way you don't have to pay road tax don't tell Cameron as he will tax it just for the hell of it just put all your money that you would pay on fuel that is taxed at 82p in the 1 in a safe place & buy another EVT for the wife


Reviewed by Maria Prosser from West Cornwall on 11 July 2010

E V T leader  168: I have had this bike 5 years and use it twice a week. Not long after having it I had a puncture. It is a major operation to remove the REAR WHEEL. Then we found out that the plastic is bad quality and easily broken. The rear brake mechanism is a nightmare to work on even when assisted by 3 lifelong motorcyclists. It has been knocked over 3 times,when parked,by car drivers and scraped all over. we cannot get a match for the paint. The chrome or lack of chrome is evident with all the rust on the bike. Batteries were replaced not long after having the bike, and I would not risk going more than 25KM.The insurance was 250 when I first had it, now just under 200. I've ridden motorcycles for 24 years and would not recommend this model. It was a replacement for a Scootelectric SWAP, which was also unreliable.


Reviewed by Gavin from Stockton on 13 February 2009

I have had my EVT168 for 6 months now and its brilliant. So simple to use, maintain and ride. I have done 3000 miles on it so far which has cost me under 13 in electric! Astonishing. I think it will have paid for itself within 10 months of buying it, after that its completely free transport! The 30mph top speed is perfect for general commuting and ridden well a 30mile+ range is quite achievable (and I weigh 16 stone!!). I travel everywhere in silence, comfort and style and for virtually free! A huge Grin.


Reviewed by John Barns from Edinbirgh on 27 January 2009

I have recently bought an evt 168. Having ridden a Honda 50cc for the last 3 years I can only say it this has been the best decision I could have made.
It is quiet so I don't wake the neighbours up when I go out early or get home late.  I don't have to worry about the thousands of parts that need maintenance and oil. The only fluid is the brake oil which is easily refilled on the handlebar.
After riding the 1st 1,500 miles I can confirm that it has cost me about 4 per 1,000 miles in electricity (a sales pitch by The Electric Transport Shop I didn't quite believe). That means it will pay for itself within a year.  So do yourself a favour and buy one, and laugh all the way to the bank.


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