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Home » Green Bikes & Scooter » EVT 4000E

EVT 4000E Electric Moped

evt 4000e electric bike


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Futuristic styling represents the future of electric vehicle transportation. The modern, aerodynamic look of the 4000e underscores the cutting edge technology used to power the eectric scooter. The Gen II Hub Motor powers all 2007 model 4000e scooters. Larger and more efficient than previous motors, the Gen II quietly powers the 4000e with absolutely zero emissions.
Electric Power say goodbye to the messy gas, oil, plugs, grease and noisy mufflers of petrol engines say hello to ultra-clean, smooth power.
Simple and Smart just plug your charger into any common 220v outlet, and in a few hours your scooter is fully charged and ready to go for only pennies a charge.
Outstanding range and practicality a 48 volt system delivers up to 45 miles on a single charge and a max speed of 30 mph, ideal for the average commuter.
The legal requirements for this electric scooters are similar to those that apply to 50cc scooters. Insurance, road taxed (zero cost) and MOT therefore required.


CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: n/a

Power: 2000W

Batteries: Sealed Lead Acid

Top Speed: 28 mph

Range: 20-30 miles

Charge time: 6 hours (80%)


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