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Home » Electric Cars » REVA G-Wiz

GoinGreen G-Wiz AC

Reva G-Wiz Electric Car


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The G-Wiz from GoinGreen is manufactured by the Reva Electric Car Company and is the best selling electric car in the UK.




The G-Wiz is emission free, with no exhaust emissions.  It uses just one quarter as much energy as a similar size small car with an internal combustion engine.



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G-Wiz Video


Statistics - G-Wiz i

CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: 600mpg equivalent

Engine: Maintenance free AC motor

Torque: 52Nm
Transmission : Automatic

Kerb Weight: 665 kg

Top Speed: 50 mph

Range: 40-48 miles

Charge time: 2.5 to 8hrs
Insurance Group: 1
Warranty: 24 months

The G-Wiz is now in its third model variant, the G-Wiz i. The latest model features an advanced ac powertrain for a smoother more powerful ride, an anti-roll bar for improved handling, a new crash tested safety package, new front disc brakes which improve braking performance by 30%, improved vision and driving position, improved certified top speed of 50 mph, nippy acceleration and excellent value for money. The G-Wiz i seats two adults and has two small folding rear seats for small children or the shopping.  There are also a number of upgrade options available on the AC Drive including a Lithium-ion battery, air-con, leather seats, paint colour and alloy wheels.

As well as being green, the G-Wiz makes financial sense too.  Due to its zero emissions, it is exempt from road tax and the London Congestion Charge.  Businesses benefit from 100% year 1 tax write down and company car tax rate of just 9%.  A years fuels, or electricity in this case works out to just 50 on average or 1.3p/mile.  There are more and more parking incentives to take advantage of too in London, details of which can be found here.

The G-Wiz is fully automatic and well suited to slow speeds of London traffic although it is limited by its top speed on faster road.
It is constructed from a stainless steel safety cage with 100% recyclable ABS body panels.  Power comes from 8 x 6v lead acid batteries connected in series with a regenerative braking system.  Charging takes between 2.5 to 8 hours for a full charge from a standard main socket or from one of the increasing number of car parks with free charging facilities.


NEWS UPDATE: REVA has confirmed the launch of its G-Wiz lithium-ion battery powered electric car.  There will also be an upgrade option for existing G-Wiz AC and DC drivers.  First customer deliveries are expected to commencing May 2009. 75 miles with the G-Wiz L-ion.


G-Wiz L-ion

g-wiz electric car news


G-Wiz is carbon neutral: GoinGreen will off-set the CO2 produced during the manufacture, shipping and first two year's driving for every G-Wiz sold via contributions to Climate Care.


G-Wiz dealers or call 020 8574 3232 quoting GreenCarSite.


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Reviewed by Gary Webb from London on 27 November 2009

G-Wiz: I test drove the G-wiz because I wanted to feel the performance of an electric car. Having read online reviews I chose the G-Wiz for its popularity and numbers sold. I found the drive of (G-Wiz i) very smooth and a lot faster than I expected. Apparently the older DC technology has been superseded with AC (though I'm not technical minded). Overall it handled traffic flow effortlessly and using the boost mode accelerated happily up hills. I would recommend buying one, though I think i may just test drive an old DC model to really get a feel between the two models.


Reviewed by Bob T from London on 14th October 2007

(G Wiz tested 2005) Probably the biggest surprise was that inside that tiny body there was comfortable room for a very large person (myself) as well as the person from the distributors. Furthermore there was space for a number of suitcases at the back. The ride and steering were quite heavy. I tried its hill-climbing abilities on Haverstock Hill and it maintained around 20-25mph but could get no information on how this might reduce the range.  Two minor issues that I didn't pursue are heating for winter use (this is electrical and adds to battery drain). Also the maintenance/longevity of the lead acid batteries. Some might feel uncomfortable about impact protection for rear seat passengers. But all in all I found it a minimal but practical vehicle for use in London.


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