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Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.5 VVTi

Toyota Prius Hybrid Cars


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New Toyota Prius prices

It’s said that you get what you pay for, but where Toyota’s new full hybrid Prius is concerned, customers enjoy...


The Toyota Prius Hybrid in its current 'Hybrid Synergy Drive' form with significant body changes has been available since 2003.  Hollywood stars and politicians are amongst the Toyota Prius owners proud to show off their eco-friendly credentials and proves that you don't have to compromise on practicality or fashionable looks to achieve economy or eco-friendliness.

The Prius is not a cheap car to buy, prices start from £18,250 for the T3 Hybrid and go up to £21,150 for the T Spirit Hybrid.  All are powered by the same 1.5 litre 76bhp petrol engine along the Hybrid Synergy Drive system. The Toyota Prius combines the low speed torque of an electric motor (up to 22mph) with the high speed efficiency of a combustion engine.  0-60mph is therefore reached in 10.9 seconds thanks to the assistance of the high torque 50kW electric motor.



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CO2 emissions: 104g/km

MPG Combined: 65.7 mpg

Engine: 1497cc Petrol / Electric Motor
Transmission : 4 Speed Auto

BHP/Torque: 76/115 NM
Kerb Weight: 1300 kg

NCAP: 5-Star
Top Speed: 106 MPH
0-62 MPH: 10.9 secs
Insurance Group: 8
Warranty: 96 months / 100,000 miles on Hybrid system

Economy is quoted as an impressive 65.7mpg although this is slightly less in the real world, however the economy is still better than most diesels of a similar size and even some superminis.  Carbon dioxide emissions are a low 104g/km which is the Prius's party piece. This means low company car tax bills.  As an alternative fuel vehicle it is also exempt from London's congestion charge.

The Toyota Prius has a five star NCAP safety rating which is the highest possible result helped by its eight standard fitted airbags and curtain bags and a rigid design. The build quality, reliability and dealer service are what you would expect from Toyota; all very good.  In addition to the three year warranty, Toyota guarantees the hybrid system for 8years/100,000 miles meaning resale value should be more competitive than most hybrids.

The entry-level T3 is well equipped. The T4 adds a 6-CD changer, foglights and cruise control. The range topping T Spirit has a DVD-based sat-nav system with voice recognition and Bluetooth.  It is roomy and comfortable.  Three adults should be reasonably comfortable in the back however space is short is in the boot due to the battery packs.

There are a limited choice of hybrids available in the UK compared to the US as they still only make up a small proportion of sales.  The Toyota Prius though is on the road to becoming a mainstream family cars that demands few compromises, and is extremely cheap to fill up, has super low emissions and an eco-friendly image.


ECU's software recall on cars built between August 2003 and November 2004.
2006 facelift including new front grille and revisions to head and taillights. Soft-touch materials feature inside and a new leather interior is on offer.


Toyota Prius Hire

Hertz Green Collection ( ) offers you the chance to hire the environmentally friendly Toyota Prius in London and across Europe.


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Review by Brian Bridle from Ipswich on 13 April 2012

59 Plate Prius T3 1.5: Bought our Prius as 8mth old 8k miles. Only wish that I had known of the 1.8. Excellent drive, plentiful legroom for all. With rear seats down it can carry more than you would think. MPg winter does drop to 45 summer around 52 on the short runs. Last years trip to Inverness and back showed 58.4 avge. This was driven at"normal" A1 speeds 75 normal with higher excursions if neede be to get away from the "gurkins".


Review by Andrew from Wallasey on 08 April 2012

2009 Prius:  Don't know why people complaining about the mpg. My mpg varies between 65 and 80.  I managed to get 80mpg over 2 days driving covering a typical 60 miles I.e. mixture of urban and extra-urban and this was in the winter


Review by G Pritchard from on 28 November 2011

Buyers should know that the fuel consumption of the Toyota Prius depends as much on the weather as anything else. Mine does 62 mpg for about ten months of the year but when the weather is cold (say 0 to 3 degrees C) it falls to as low as 45 mpg.


Review by Andy from London on 26 February 2011

Toyota Prius: i am a cabby...i used to drive Volvo s80, 3-liter engine, filling its tank with 70 liters of diesel, getting around 700 miles out of it, means almost 10 miles for a liter.... now i am driving Toyota Prius, filling its tank with 40 liters of unleaded, getting around 400 miles out of it, again almost 10 miles for a liter... so there is not much difference for me... i drive 10 hrs a day in London. i wouldn't recommend Toyota Prius as its just good for environment which i don't care... i care about my wallet... all they say about Toyota prios being economical on fuel in non-sense and not true... my next car gonna be a volvo again!


Review by Mick from Harlow on 25 November 2010

Prius 2006: Love the car - saved money on petrol, car tax and reliability hence low maintenance costs. One downside the cost of a new key. My key was stolen which means purchasing 2 new keys - cost £689. My advice ask for Key Cover on your insurance (which I did not have even though it was a  fully comp. policy) - cost £15-£20. Do it today but do not let it put you off a great green car.


Review by Ray from Chesterfield on 07 September 2010

I purchased my prius in December 09 just as the cold weather hit the uk so for 3 months the temperature gauge never went above 5 degrease, for the first month or so i was only getting the low 40s mpg until i learnt how to drive the car properly then i saw it rise to the high 40s only doing short journeys, once the weather started to warm up and the holiday season started i get an average of 52 mpg on short journeys and as high as 68.9mpg on a run to the east coast, other journeys i have regularly achieve low 60s so Toyota's figures are achievable and i drive to the speed limits its by far the best car i have had.


Review by Leon from SW London on 01 July 2010

09 prius: firstly - ignore what that car salesman said (as you should always do anyway) Toyota have the best reputation for reliability so do not ignore a good used buy. As for a main dealer not being willing to service a cat c/d write off? its a blessing in disguise, main dealers charge over the odds for what is basically an oil/filter change just because they do a "full inspection" which is basically them finding things wrong and charging you even more. A cat c/d car has to undergo a full inspection to check its roadworthyness so it "being a mess" is absolute nonsense. Check autotrader and you'll find lots of cars are now cat c/d write offs as insurance companies have to fix cars the expensive way and so dont bother, there is no need to be scared of a cat c/d just be extra careful and maybe an aa vehicle check for peace of mind.


Review by Elaine Burton from Isle of Man on 16 May 2010

Interesting to read all the comments on fuel economy.  My husband and I have just purchased a second hand Prius and have only owned it two weeks.  We live on a small island and have managed to achieve at worst 59.8 mpg and at best 61.0 mpg.  When we were in the UK for one week we were getting mostly 60.5 and that included motorway driving.  Of course it all depends (as with any vehicle) how hard you accelerate and what your top speeds are.  On the motorway we did not go above 70 mph.  Don't understand what all the fuss is about as 70 mph seems plenty fast enough to us and we had two people in the car and all our luggage and our labrador dog so we were carrying a fair bit of weight.  I can only assume other Prius drivers have been driving at higher speeds thereby only getting 45 mpg.  We love the efficiency and drive accordingly.  We are telling all our friends about the car which we have called the cloud as it is so smooth to drive.  We would recommend it to anyone as an excellent family saloon.  The only other vehicle we own that achieves better efficiency is an all electric Vectrix scooter but, of course, being all electric the range is limited.


Review by David Betts from Nottingham on 27 February 2010

Prius T-Spirit: 57 Plate T-Spirit. Bought four months ago. Been driving for over forty years and this is the best car I have ever had. The spirit has all the toys you could wish for. It will even reverse itself into a parking space if you want to. So relaxing to drive with its excellant CVT gearbox. Averaging around 48mpg but hope to do better in warmer months.Road tax 15£ per year and going down to 10£ this year. Only downside is you have to pay it all at once. Ha ha. Be aware of pedestrians in car parks. They wont hear you coming.


Review by John from Fareham on 26 November 2009

09 Plate Prius T4: 2nd one Ive had. Reliable, quiet, smooth comfortable ride, plenty of interior room, excellent sound system. Not as economical as some are suggesting. Summer best 54mpg, winter 51mpg. Never seen 60mpg or anything like it, and not driven hard. When it is driven hard or four passengers, economy drops to 40mpg. Still worth considering if you want a roomy quiet smooth ride. No diesel smell or noise, no expensive fuel price premium.


Review by Farquhar Arbuthnott from Belfast on 07 October 2009

This is my 2nd Prius T-Spirit (both bought new).  As with the previous one, it is refined, smooth, utterly reliable and comfortable with reasonable servicing costs (at my Toyota Main dealership).
Incidentally my best ever tankful delivered an average of 76.55 MPG (in summer)and my worst ever 55.9 MPG (winter)!
Currently I average 65.5 MPG in my daily 40 mile round trip commute - avoiding "jack rabbit" traffic light GP's and driving like a Vicar. These are REAL world figures  and I have enjoyed my Prius driving for almost 5 years. How "Top Gear's Clarkston" and similar air-heads can  only get 40-ish MPG is beyond me. They must drive with the parking brake on and use lead-filled boots!  I've never achieved less than 55 MPG any tankful & in either Prius that I have owned & driven!


Review by Prof Chapman from Dulverton, Somerset on 08 May 2009

A superb car from driving in town, achieves 75mpg easily. But on the motorway or rural roads the consumptions is down to 40-45mpg. Since we are in a rural area we only achieve 45mpg for a tank full of fuel. Its a great car to drive - but beware consumption outside town.


Review by Richard Stevenson from Sevensisters on 07 May 2009

Hi Again. Just wanted to answer the last review and give you a little more info on the new Prius. 

There is no problem in buying a Prius private as long as you do your homework and spend the money to get a RAC report and HPI Report. I say RAC as when I last asked the AA could not do a check on the Prius as there Mechanics were not trained on it. So if you have a Prius and are with the AA better check if they can fix it at the side of the road/ your home or if they will just take you to the main dealer. I know a lot of people have AA cover free with the bank.
In regards to the new Prius I've already had lots of people ask me how the New Prius stacks up against the Honda Insight. Let me put it as simply as this. Yes the Honda is 15k, But it has almost the same Co2 as the current Prius and has a 10kw electric motor. The current prius has a 50kw electric motor and the New Prius is 60kw. 60kw = 80Bhp. So better to spend 14k and buy a year to 2 year old Prius with 10k on the clock. If thats what you happy to spend on  car. It will also hold its value better than the honda long term. Prius has sold over 1,000,000 units since it came out. That's a lot of happy people.


Review by Ben from Hertfordshire on 22 April 2009

Toyota Prius T-Spirit: I've owned my Prius T-Spirit for 12 months and around 18,000 miles now, and despite all the criticism the car strangely seems to attract, there is simply no better car for my daily commute in and out of West London. 
Forget Toyota's environmental claims - the main thing the Prius protects is your wallet. The 55-60mpg I get in the warmer months (it dips to around 50mpg during winter) is just the beginning; group 7 insurance, Ł15 road tax, 8-year powertrain warranty and arguably the best numbers of them all - JD Power 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey winner (and joint top in 2007).
It's totally stress-free and easy to drive, while being smooth and quiet too. It's spacious inside and has a terrific specification (the T-Spirit has touchscreen sat nav, bluetooth, parking camera and MP3 connector). Interior quality is better than you might expect. Incidentally, a previous review suggested that tall people may find it hard to get comfortable; I'm 6' 1" and have absolutely no comfort problems at all.
Only downsides are a lack of performance - especially when the main hybrid battery is spent and needs the petrol engine to recharge - and it's perhaps not the prettiest thing on the road, nor the most exciting to drive hard. But if cheap, easy motoring is your priority, purchase price aside of course, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better.
Regarding saleman Richard's review, the reason private owners chose to sell cars themselves instead of to car dealers is because they want to get something like the real retail value, not thousands less, and potential buyers should not be put off by private sales.


Review by Richard Stevenson from Sevensisters on 19 April 2009

I have been reading everyone's views on the Prius and I think this may be a first.  I work for Toyota and sell the Prius eveyday.
The first thing I would like to share is that I am proud to sell this car. I have been selling cars new and used for 10 years and I've never had a Prius customer buy one that did not like it. The new Prius is out around July/Aug and I expect demand to out strip supply for at least the first year. It will Do 72 miles to the gallon combined with Co2 of 89 grams per km, aroud 130bhp 1.8 petrol engine and looks more like a sport car. It makes the Honda look out dated already which it is . I would be happy to answer any questions you have about it, the current model or even the new IQ as I understand that not everyone has the information I have to hand. One thing is for sure Co2 is the new King in car sales and yes the Prius will cost you more but it will pay you back too! Sorry top gear but this is a great car. It has a 8 year 100,000 mile warranty on the bits that scare you and me and just like any other car has a 3 year warranty on the petrol engine, electric widows sat nav so on. If your thinking of buying one look out, Don't try and save money by buying private if it's older than 3 years with little or no history and make sure you get a HPI as lots out side main dealers have hidden pasts cat C or D write offs are a no no as it may look ok but when you want to sell it its value is a 3rd of market price and no Main dealer will service it because it could be a mess. Always ask yourself why have they not sold it to a main dealer? Because if its a good clean car with history we will buy it. At 60,000 miles ish its known that Prius may need drive shafts changing, seems to be a trend. They are around 1,500 pounds to replace and the screen in the centre that controls the ac, sat nav and so on can go on 4 to 5 year old  models just like a tv but costs 2,000 pounds to replace if has sat nav and 1000+ if not. So take out a Warranty. Even if you did not buy the car from Toyota you can still take one out from us if you have full Toyota history or have it serviced by us first. Toyota's is one of the best I've ever sold and would cover both these parts.
One last thing if you have a Prius once or twice a week press the brakes hard when your driving. The problem is that the car engine brakes, so at normal speeds when you brake your not using your brake pads or discs at all, it's the gearbox that slows you down. This means the brake pads last a long time as one review pointed out, but the discs pit quick and  need changing because they are not being cleaned off by the brake pads. The Metal used for the discs on most cars rusts if you dont use your car, on a Prius they will rust if you don't use your brakes.


Review by Mark from Salford on 16 April 2009

2009 T Spirit: I got the prius as a company car, mainly due to the tax reduction for the emissions.  The car is the best i have ever had. I work all over the UK, Eire and Western Europe, so journeys are mostly long and fast. I get 53 mpg at a steady 68mph. This improves in the urban cycle to 60 ish. Really pleased with the performance, not sluggish at all. All previous cars were diesels and the tranquillity of the Prius is all too apparent. Because of the complexity of the car i don't know I would buy one for private use beyond the warranty period as the repair bills could be high.


Review by Mr Simpson from Musselburgh, Scotland on 12 April 2009

2007 Prius T3: 16400 miles with mpg from 51 in winter around or below 0C to 61 cruising at 60 on motorways (drops nearer 50 at 80). Speedo overreads by 5 at 70, odometer seems OK. Very pleased with comfort, quietness and space. Quality is excellent. I hope the MkIII has a 12v dash socket, heated/folding mirrors, AND a spare wheel (I won't consider the Insight because it has a "kit" to fix flats). It sounds good with better motorway performance/torque and I'm almost sold already.


Review by Phil from Stockport on 02 December 2008

I have a 2004 Prius (T4) bought used in 2006 and consider it an excellent car. My 16 mile commute is probably the type of journey it is designed for; half very congested urban roads, half busy motorway (60 - 65mph). Fuel consumption is around 62mpg in the summer, dropping to 58mpg in the winter when the engine runs more to provide heat for defrosting (and passengers). By limiting my motorway speed to 55mph and probably annoying many motorists in the process, I can achieve 66mpg. These mpg figures are real - calculated from fill-ups; the mpg display on my vehicle reads approx 2mpg high.

The Prius is very relaxing to drive in slow stop-start traffic thanks to its two-pedal transmission. It can drive for nearly a mile in these conditions on electric power alone, and in peaceful silence. I did test-drive a diesel before choosing the Prius and the engine noise and vibration in this type of driving put me off.

The car is quite happy on fast motorway trips and even fully laden is not underpowered, although there is some power lag at high speed. Cabin space is very good and boot space is adequate. So far the car has been trouble-free; its brake pads have only worn by 20% in 36k miles and might last the life of the car!

In all I am very pleased with it. Expensive yes, but I prefer it to a diesel BMW any day!


Review by Aashit from London on 15 October 2008

Have been driving Prius since Sep 2006. Minimum 20 miles, 5 days a week,from North London to EC3 and back. Have done approx 18,000 miles and average mileage is 47 mpg. Best mileage on a full tank i.e. approx 40 litres and over 400 miles, I have achieved is 52 mpg. Great drive. I am 6ft 2in and all 5 seats are very comfortable. Only downside is, I am trying to find ways to increase mileage to 65mpg on full tank, as per Toyota guidelines. Any suggestions ???


Review by Carol Theobald from Esher, Surrey on 12 July 2008

Prius T3: Bought at good discount. Spacious, good acceleration, compared with our old Renault Scenic. Getting 60-62mpg combined. (I am driving carefully having read how to hypermile!!) Love driving it and a comfortable car with plenty of boot space.


Review by Archie from Bedford on 09 June 2008

Toyota Prius T4: I bought my Prius new in May 2007 and have since covered 11000 miles of mostly city driving and it is returning me 53 mpg. I managed 58.6 mpg on a motorway journey to Cornwall last summer, so I wonder if  Christopher from Newbury who reviewed on 17 August 2007 claiming that it (The Prius) only does 40 mpg actually owns or has driven one. I suspect he is one of those people who review cars on the evidence that he has heard from his mate in the pub who`s knows somebody who has a mate that test drove one once! The Prius is an excellent car quiet, comfortable, powerful enough for the average motorist by which I mean its no slouch and with petrol at around £1.15 a litre, economical. The build quality is everything you expect of a Toyota. The cabin is roomier than most family cars, rear leg room is excellent, my son is 6ft 4ins and with him driving I can sit behind him in the back in comfort and I`m 6ft 1in, try doing that in a Peugeot 406! I enjoy driving it and the attention it receives, and yes people really do ask where do you plug it in! Anybody that is wondering about buying one can rest assured that they will not be disappointed.


Review by Ian from Herts on 23 May 2008

T4: I've had my Prius for 3 1/2 years, and regularly get 61mpg (in the summer when the engine doesn't need to run so much). Anyone who gets less than 55 mpg must be a really lead-footed driver. The smoother you drive a Prius, the better the economy becomes.


Reviewed by Jean Jackson from Manchester on 17 March 2008

Toyota Prius T spirit: Excellent car in every way.
Comfortable (front & back) responsive, quiet, economical, and reliable. Toyota servicing is excellent. I've read reviews which say it's slugguish: NO! I do 20,000+ miles pa on motorways and it accelerates well. Will buy another.


Reviewed by Kieran from Cheshire on 20 November 2007

I could not agree more the Toyota Prius is an excellent vehicle, I use my everyday as a sales rep up and down the UK motorways, it looks good, it runs smoothly and it does so many miles to the gallon. I was not sure about it when I first started to consider a hybrid car but after reading reviews which help me give me all the pros and cons i was convinced, my only worry is its second hand value.


Reviewed by Mick Williams from Cheshire on 02 November 2007

I am taking delivery of my Prius in January 2008. The main reason for my choice of car is the tax break I get on company car tax.  I must however debunk a few comments in another review:

The battery is warranted for eight years or 100,000 miles and Toyota have a recycling program in place. It may interest you to know that the NiMH battery contains a large amount of metallic nickel – which Toyota want to recover, and the electrolyte is a strong alkaline, similar to cleaning products. The electrolyte breaks down very quickly to form salts which are not hugely damaging to the environment. As to problems recycling the car – not true. Aside from the NiMH battery the rest of it is no different to recycling a traditional car and a PC.
I also note that yet again like for like has not been compared when looking at MPG figures. I had a Prius on loan from Toyota UK for a week to evaluate. My current Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTI gives 40-45 MPG over a week and I go through a tank a week (around 600 miles). I used the Prius in exactly the same way, same cruising speed on the motorway, same route to work, same holdups. I returned 50 MPG, which does not seem to be much of a gain. However, I did not drive the Prius in an MPG friendly way. If I did I would expect to be closer to the 60 MPG figure.
Yes small diesels are very efficient, but I need a large load space in the rear for equipment I need to take with me, and in the Prius we got four adults and a toddler in his seat and all the stuff for a day at the beach comfortably. More to the point, even fully laden it was still quite rapid thanks to the torque produced by the 50Kw motor.
The final point I would like to make is the Prius is big inside and has more effective room in it than my Vectra. There is no transmission tunnel, no central console as in a traditional car. This gives a very spacious cabin. I will be very pleased to take delivery of my Prius and have a car that does not eat my tax code and I can still have fun in.


Reviewed by Christopher from Newbury on 17 August 2007
The Prius is supposed to be the economic car revolution. My friends, it is far from it. A Prius is "supposed" to average 60mpg, in reality a Prius will on average earn a 40mpg; when driven carefully. A Peugeot 406 2.0 litre diesel can easily earn an average of 45+mpg. The worst part about the Prius is trying to recycle the "car". The battery is next to unrecylable due to the chemicals used; and because of the complexity of the car it requires 3x the carbon emissions to separate the different materials, this also applies to the manufacture. However these cars are the quietest cars you will ever drive, and with it's central computer it is reassuring knowing what the car is doing at all times.


Reviewed by Chris from Sheffield on 26th July 2007

Excellent car, easy to drive and comfortable. So much focus on mpg (I average 58) and technology, people overlook the high seat cushion height, comfortably shaped seats and relaxed drive that make it the best long distance car I have ever owned. Internal storage is also brilliant. I only discovered the tray at the bottom of the armrest block last week!!


Reviewed by Steve from Kendal on 17th July 2007

Brilliant. Must be the easiest and quietest car I've ever driven - and although the speed performance is not amazing, I'm very happy with the 55+ mpg average over the first 15,000 miles.
Boot space is 50% more than a Golf, and most of our journeys have been cross country with boxes of books. Maybe 25% Motorway - 40% A roads - and then all those wiggly, hilly bits that join Cumbria.  Yeah - it's expensive, but it i very refined and so easy to drive.


Reviewed by Jo from Dorset on 18th February 2007

Am very happy with my 2nd hand Prius, with smooth acceleration, responsive handling & more room than my former Honda Accord, both in the front & the back! The boot is still roomy enough for all the Christmas shopping for a family of 4.
When running on "silent" I tend to spook the local horses who see me coming but can't hear anything! Also, I've discovered that most people rely on their ears rather than their eyes before crossing the road: I've learned to be extra alert if a pedestrian shows any sign of stepping off the pavement, because, chances are they won't look, & if I'm running silently, they won't hear me either!
Am delighted with the cheaper tax, & services are remarkably short & cheap too!
My husband is now thinking of replacing his car with a newer Prius as, even with the Air Con on in the summer, we're still getting an average 55 mpg! Brilliant!



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