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Home » Green Cars » Volvo S60 CNG

Volvo S60 CNG BioFuel

Volvo S60 CNG BioFuel


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Volvo offers the choice of two Bi-Fuel CNG cars in the UK – its V70 estate and S60 saloon.  Natural Gas (or CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) - is a fossil fuel sourced from reserves deep under the Earth's surface. It has lower CO2 emissions compared to petrol/diesel.




The alternative gas fuel system is an integral part of the car's design, with all controls fully integrated into the dashboard and gas tanks discreetly stored under the car instead of taking up any loadspace - unlike many conversions. In addition, Volvo Bi-Fuel models have been fully crash tested, are built on the same production lines to the same quality and safety standards as other Volvo models, and are sold with Volvo Car UK's standard three year warranty.


CNG also offers substantial fuel savings and is an even cleaner fuel than LPG, but availability is more limited and tends to be most popular among the commercial vehicle market for operators or local authorities with their own re-fuelling facilities. It is hoped that a ‘homefill’ system will enable refuelling from a domestic gas supply in the future.


Statistics - MY2006

CO2 emissions: 159g/km

MPG Combined: 31.7

Engine: 2435cc Bio Fuel
Trans: 5 Speed Man/Auto

BHP/Torque: 140/192 NM
Kerb Weight: 1514 kg
Top Speed: 130 MPH
0-62 MPH: 10.7 secs
Insurance Group: 14
Warranty: 36 months/60,000



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