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Home » Green Bikes & Scooter » E-Max

E-max Electric Electric Moped

e-max electric bikes

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The E-max electric moped, uses Italian designers and German engineers  - built with an emphasis on quality and reliability.



Why Electric?  Simply put, electric mopeds offer the perfect solution to short journey transportation. For those of us who reside in busy urban areas, traffic pollution, congested roads and cramp public transport are everyday concerns. With the rapid increase in battery and electric motor technology, the electric vehicle is making its entrance.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, electric scooters also offer fantastic savings in comparison to any other form of transport. Running costs become virtually unnoticeable with no road tax, no petrol and virtually no maintenance. Carve through the traffic in virtual silence content in the knowledge that it’s cheap, efficient, green and most of all gets you from A to B quicker and feeling fresher than any other alternative.

The electric E-max moped is powered by a 4000Watt electric motor built into the rear wheel. The ‘fuel’ is provided by sealed silicone batteries, which, like the motor, are completely maintenance free. This virtually silent vehicle can be fully charged from a mains socket in as little as 3 hours. Features include a dual LCD and analogue display, hydraulic disc brakes and a custom made bespoke cage frame to improve weight distribution and handling.


The first E-max electric scooters that enter the market will have a range of 55-62 miles and a limited top speed of 30mph.  On average an E-max scooter consumes less than 40 pence worth of electricity every 60 miles.

E-max bikes are now available for demonstration priced from £2,950 plus VAT



CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: n/a

Power: 4000Watt electric motor

Batteries: Sealed silicone batteries


Top Speed: 28 mph restricted (45mph)

Range: 55-62 miles

Charge time: 3 - 5 Hours
Warranty: 2 Years of 12,000 miles


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Vectrix maxi-scooter

E-max Electric Electric Moped bikes


Review by Jonathan Green from Hamsptead on 08 January 2010
E-max 110S Electric Scooter: My e-max has kept going through the freezing conditions & snow this week in London. I'm impressed. Looking forward to test riding the new generation e=max electric scooter.





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