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Home » Green Bikes & Scooter » Folding Electric Bikes

Can-Do Electric Folding Bike

electric folding bicycles

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The Can-Do 3.0 electric folding bicycle, built in Holland, is now available for UK commuters.  The comfortable six speed bike is easily folded away, meaning taking the bike inside, upstairs or on public transport is easy.  It weighs only 23kg including batteries thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame.

Priced from 895, this is great value for a folding bike with so many features. 

Statistics - Can-Do 3.0

CO2 emissions: Zero

Power: 200W

Batteries: Lithium ion

Top Speed: 15.5 mph

Range: 25 miles

Charge time: TBC
Warranty: TBC



Dealer Details

Call 0844 800 5979 Quoting GreenCarSite


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