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Home » Electric Vans » Smith Newton

Smith Newton Electric Van Range

smith newton electric vans


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smith ampere electric vans

Smith Newton

smith electric vans prices and details



Since 1920 Smith has been building electric vehicles. They are commonly used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including urban delivery, healthcare, airport and municipal services.


The Smith Newton range of zero emission electric vehicles are available with Box Body, refrigerated Body and aerodynamic body.  All available with gross vehicle weight of 7.5t, 10t and 12t.




Smith electric vehicles are environmentally friendly as they emit NO pollutants.  Smith vehicles are exempt from London Congestion Charges and benefit from free Road Tax.  Further, Smith electric vehicles are designed for minimal maintenance and down-time. This combination allows Smith electric vehicles to provide cost effective solutions for a wide range of today's commercial and industrial vehicle applications.


Every electric vehicle in the Smith Range is zero emission, and almost every component of latest Smith electric vehicles range is completely recyclable. This makes Smith Electric Vehicles the ultimate in environmentally friendly vehicles.


Dealer Details or call 0845 1557 755 quoting GreenCarSite.


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Avoid the London Congestion Charge



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