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Home » Electric Vans » Stevens ZeVan

Stevens ZeVan Electric Vans

stevens vehicles zevan


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Zevan® are new electric vehicles manufactured in Wales by Stevens Vehicles Ltd.  Stevens Vehicles Ltd are a new British manufacturer of zero emission electric vehicles for personal and commercial use.  The vans are designed with the brief to create a low environmental impact vehicle range - from well to wheel - that will be economically viable for global village transport.  

The vehicles are designed to maximise internal space relative to external footprint dimensions.  This means that although the vehicle is shorter and narrower than most compact vehicle, it is taller, giving the equivalent space of a much larger vehicle.

Economically, the switch to electric vehicles simply cuts costs, from whichever way.  Running costs are less than 2p a mile. Batteries and motors are maintenance free, making servicing easy.  Lastly, above their obvious environmental credentials, our vehicles provide good PR and promotional opportunities for commercial customers.

ZeVans aren't just good because they're electric. Low environmental impact from well to wheel is at the heart of our design and production philosophy: 

  • To cut emissions at development stage by using existing proven technology wherever possible.
  • Production is low impact because complexity has been designed out. This also makes low volume production, close to market possible.
  • Reduced transportation by manufacturing in the UK for our UK customers.
  • Vehicles are energy efficient because they are light. Lighter than equivalent sized petrol or even equivalent sized electric vehicles

As a result our vehicles emit half as much CO2 as the best petrol and diesel vehicles over their lifetime. This calculation even assumes the electric power for your car is sourced from normal energy supply.  

ZeVan® Detailed Specifications 

  • Top speed = 56mph
  • Range = up to 110 miles depending upon battery pack option
  • ZeVan®: up to 500kg payload and 1.8 cubic metre space – accepts Cheps and Euro pallets
  • Dimensions: 3m long, 1.76m high, 1.5m wide


  • Steel chassis and space frame safety cage
  • Glass reinforced plastic body panels


  • Automatic - no gear changes or heavy gearbox
  • Two brushless, maintenance-free, AC induction motors
  • One motor drives each rear wheel (no heavy differential)
  • Regenerative braking
  • HDT belt drive
  • 5:1 reduction ratio allowing 20% (1 in 5) hill climb


  • 48v System: 36 Hp (27kw) & 160 ft lbs of torque – 50mph top speed
  • 72v System: 70 Hp (52kw) & 132 ft lbs of torque – 56mph top speed
  • 3 step charging system operated from standard 240v domestic plug
  • Safe and maintenance-free batteries: either sealed gel lead acid or LiFeP04 lithium ion.

General features:

  • 12v internal charging socket (for mobile phones, etc)
  • Powerful 48v heater (on timer to minimise electric consumption)
  • Optional heated windscreen
  • Manual wind-down windows
  • Two speed windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe and wash
  • Energy-saving halogen headlights


£16,995 + VAT for ZeVan® (excluding batteries)

Battery Options & Prices by Range & Payload

Battery type

Sealed Gel Lead Acid

Lithium LiFeP04

Voltage / Capacity

48v or 72v 9.6kwh

48v 10kwh

48v 15kwh

48v 20kwh


15-35 miles

30-55 miles

45-75 miles

60-110 miles

Recharge time

4 or 8 hours

8 hours

12 hours

16 hours












  • £10 a day – A standard ZeVan® can cost from £10 a day through a standard HP agreement (example based on a typical customer, arranged by Saracen Finance Ltd).
  • Leasing of batteries is available.  This is often regarded as desirable, as it enables customers to pay for batteries (the ‘fuel’) over the life of the vehicle in the same way that they currently pay for petrol and diesel, rather than paying for it all upfront.  With full leasing and including electricity costs, the batteries cost under 15p a mile.
  • Lease purchase, hire purchase, rental and other financing options also available.

Dealer Details, Tel: 01639 864730


Avoid the London Congestion Charge




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