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Home » Green Bikes & Scooter » Vectrix

Vectrix Electric maxi-scooter

vectric electric bikes

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The Vectrix electric maxi-scooter is the world's first high-performance electric two-wheel vehicle to offer all the benefits of a traditional petrol-powered scooter but without the noise, pollution, expensive maintenance, frequent oil changes, and regular trips to the petrol station.

The Vectrix maxi electric scooter is fun to ride and easy to operate. Its top speed of 62 mph and fast acceleration (0-50 mph in 6.8 seconds) make it safe and easy to zip in and out of traffic.

  The onboard charger plugs into any standard electrical outlet to quickly charge the batteries, which provide up to 68 miles of travel on a single charge. A low centre of gravity and stiff frame provide excellent handling, and the multi-function throttle allows riders to accelerate and slow down with a simple twist of the throttle.

The Vectrix, exempt from the congestion charge, parking fees, and road tax, can save you up to 7,000 per year, and if you use an eco energy supplier, it is completely carbon neutral to run. 

The Vectrix is available from 5,995.


CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: n/a

Power: 20kW Peak

Batteries: Nickel Metal Hydride


Top Speed: 62 mph

Range: 68 miles

Charge time: 2 Hours (80%)
Warranty: 24 months


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E-max Electric Moped

Vectrix Electric maxi-scooter


Reviewed by David VX1 from Bristol on 15 April 2009

Vectrix VX1: I have owned a Vectrix since May 2007  and am very pleased with it. It is smooth, well balanced, and has plenty of power.  Keeps up with / gets past traffic easily and no problem carrying a pillion passenger.Very low maintenance, but can eat back tyres if you use the power too much! As with all pure electric vehicles, it is only practical if your regular journeys are within the battery range, but if so this bike is ideal - gets through traffic, can use bus lanes (maybe not in all towns), easy to park and great fun.


Reviewed by Harry Morris from Cheshire on 16 January 2008

Wow! What can I say, very fast, very smooth, very comfortable and handle better than my petrol bike. I never expected to say all the above about an electric vehicle!
This is the best way to get around, no traffic jams, fun and it is so satisfying to know your trip to work and back or the gym etc has no impact on the environment. Very much recommend trying one of these!


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