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New official images of the Kia SOUL (16/07/2008)

    Kia Motors has put more of its Soul on show with the release of new official images of its segment-busting model at the British International Motor Show.

Kia is releasing the photographs of the fun and design-conscious Soul as it also brings the three stunning SOUL concept cars to its display in London.

The three SOUL concept vehicles, originally seen at the Geneva Salon de l’Automobile earlier in 2008, will feature alongside the dramatic KEE sports coupe concept, the ex-cee’d cabrio concept and the eco_cee’d low-emissions showcase concept.  This is the first time all of these concept vehicles have been on display together and hint at the exciting future for the Korean brand.

Kia has also confirmed that the new model, which will be available exclusively as a five-door hatchback with front-wheel drive, will have an overall length of 4,105 mm, be 1,785 mm wide, excluding door mirrors, and 1,610 mm tall.  The wheelbase will be 2,550 mm long.  For comparison, Kia’s C-segment cee’d is 4,235mm long, 1,790mm wide, 1,480 tall and has a wheelbase of 2,650mm.

‘The SOUL concept cars are so closely related to the new Kia Soul production car, that everyone can see this new model will defy conventions and appeal especially to the young and young-at-heart - whatever their age,’ added Schreyer.

The three concept cars on display in London - SOUL Burner, SOUL Diva and SOUL Searcher - were created by Kia’s European design team, led by Gregory Guillaume, under the guidance of Peter Schreyer.  They were developed from the original SOUL concept car designed jointly by Kia’s California and Korea design studios and unveiled in 2006 at the Detroit Motor Show.

Looking ahead to the World Premiere of the Kia Soul production model on 2 October at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Gregory Guillaume observed, ‘Because the all-new Kia Soul is not a replacement for an existing vehicle and is destined to play a unique role within the Kia global line-up, it can be a bit of a rebel!  The Kia Soul defies classification, and its design will encourage customers to form an emotional bond with this exciting new car.’


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