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PGO Cévennes Roadster Turbo-CNG  (05/07/2008)

PGO Cévennes Roadster Turbo-CNG with its 150 hp turbocharged engine

The latest natural gas-powered version of the PGO Cévennes Turbo-CNG, with its optimised 150 bhp 1.6-litre turbo engine, is a real treat for those who like exclusives. It has an under-floor gas tank, and the car can do a comfortable 450 km on a single tank. Despite its excellent CO2 emission value of only 118 g/km, this exceptional vehicle can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 6.5 seconds. Once this gas-powered roadster goes into production, it will cost around £35,000.

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly fuel which produces lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than petrol and diesel, discharges no soot and fine particles of dust and which has no impact on climate. Natural gas's good environmental values as a fuel are confirmed once again by the EMPA study which came out at the start of November 2007. Emissions from 32 different diesel, petrol and natural gas-powered vehicles were compared on a test stand. Natural gas and biogas continue to be the cleanest fuels available. Biogas from fermentation and sewage-treatment plants is even CO2-neutral. According to a study conducted by the Federal Office for Energy, the biogas sold at Swiss filling stations comes out on top in terms of bio-fuel eco-balances. Bio really does mean bio in the biogas on sale at fillingstations. Gas-powered vehicles can run on either natural gas or biogas and also feature a petrol tank should the need arise to switch for a time.

CNG, compressed natural gas (methane) should not be confused with LPG, liquid petroleum gas (propane/butane). These two fuels and vehicle technologies are not mutually compatible.



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