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New Renault Modus and Grand Modus prices  (12/12/2007)

Renault has a reputation for breaking the mould with innovative new products, and when it comes to MPVs, Renault is the pioneer. With the launch of Grand Modus, Renault has used its expertise to create a versatile, stylish, practical and spacious MPV which has all it takes to become the main car in any household.

With an extra 16 centimetres in length (4,034mm), generous luggage space (up to 410 litres), and sliding 60:40 split or fold-flat rear bench, Grand Modusí sheer versatility makes ideal for uses like family holidays or weekends with friends. The bright and airy interior, roominess enhance travelling comfort for all occupants. There are plenty of storage spaces too, making Grand Modus extremely practical. Grand Modusí wheelbase increases by +93mm.

New Modus (3,784mm) combines compact dimensions and city car agility with an elegant new design and benchmark comfort. It is aimed at multi-car households in search of a small but practical car.

Both Grand Modus and New Modus are based on the B platform shared by the Renault-Nissan Alliance Ė a hallmark of comfort and efficiency. Both vehicles come with a wide range of environmentally-friendly engines that are high-performance and fuel-efficient. They include the much-acclaimed 1.2 TCE (Turbo Control Efficiency) 100 and the dCi 68, 86 and 106.

In addition to its outstanding CO2 emission performance, the new Modus family is 'eco-engineered', as demonstrated by its instrument panel that drew accolades in 2005 for using 4.5kg of recycled plastic. Five of the six powerplants available meet the standards of Renaultís eCO2environmental appellation.

New Modus is available with three petrol engines, 1.2 16V 75, 1.2 TCE 100 and 1.6 VVT 111 Automatic, and two diesel engines, dCi 68 and 86. Prices start from £9,650 for the Expression 1.2 16V 75, rising to £12,550 for the Dynamique dCi 86 Quickshift5.

Grand Modus is available with three petrol engines, 1.2 16V 75, 1.2 TCE 100 and 1.6 VVT 111 Automatic, and two diesel engines, dCi 86 and dCi 106. Prices start from £10,250 for the Expression 1.2 16V 75 rising to £13,400 for the Dynamique dCi 106.

Modus and Grand Modus = eco≤
Renault launched its eCO2line of vehicles earlier this year, and, with the exception of the 111hp 1.6 16V engine, all New modus and Grand Modus powerplants comply with the requirements.

To qualify for the Renault eCO2appellation, vehicles must comply with the following criteria:
- They must either emit less than 140g of CO2 per km or else run on biofuels.
- They must be manufactured in ISO 14001-certified factories.
- They must be 95% end-of-life reusable and contain at least 5% of plastics sourced from recycling.

All New Modus and Grand Modus are designed to ensure that 95% of their mass are recyclable. Some interior features and dashboards are made from recycled plastics, which account for 7% of all plastics used in both vehicles. Renaultís eco-engineered Modus dashboard uses 4.5kg of recycled plastic.

Regarding noise levels, Grand Modus and New Modus benefit from the progress achieved on the original Modus. Noise reduction is factored into the design stage by digitizing and computing vibration and acoustics. Both vehicles have cut noise levels by 50% to 71dBA Ė 3dBA lower than stipulated by European regulations.

Both New Modus and Grand Modusí range includes the 1.2 TCE 100 turbocharged petrol engine which has the fuel consumption of a 1.2-litre engine, with the power of a 1.4 and the torque of a 1.6 engine. On the Modus range, the 1.2 TCE 100 offers a combined mpg of 47.8 and low emissions of 140 g/km.

The stylish and spacious, New Modus and Grand Modus are available to order now, priced from £9,650 to £12,550 for New Modus and from £10,250 to £13,400 for Grand Modus.


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