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Home » Green Car News » Citroen Cars

Green Car News from Citroen

Newly restyled Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen has also uprated the power output of the HDi 110 engine on the C3 Picasso Exclusive, renaming it HDi 115. The slight increase in power...

"new citroen c3 picasso"

Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 emissions reduced to just 91g/km

CitroŽnís flagship DS5 is now more efficient and environmentally considerate than ever. All three Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6 models in the DS5...

"Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 emissions reduced to just 91g/km"

Citroen C-Zero first electric car to drive around the world

Helping the pair along the way was the generosity of each country as members of the public donated their plug sockets to give the C-Zero its daily charge...

"Citroen C-Zero first electric car to drive around the world"

Citroen DS Numťro 9 Hybrid Car

The concept is designed with plug-in full-hybrid technology; an ultra-efficient system that boasts remarkable levels of performance - 166mpg fuel economy...

Citroen DS Hybrid Line

New Citroen DS5 diesel electric Hybrid on sale

New Citroen DS5 is available with a choice of four efficient Euro V engines - THP 200, e-HDi 110, HDi 160 and the new 200hp diesel electric Hybrid4...

New Citroen DS5 diesel electric Hybrid on sale

99g/km Citroen C1 from £6,995

The newly restyled CitroŽn C1 will go on sale in the UK on 2 April with MRR OTR list prices starting from just £7,995. The range-topping 5-door VTR+...

99g/km Citroen C1 from £6,995

Citroen C-Zero from £21,216 with Government electric car grant

Citroen UK has announced the next phase in its Electric Vehicle (EV) sales development programme. Key elements in this integrated...

Citroen C-Zero from £21,216 with Government electric car grant

Citroen DS5 featuring 200bhp hybrid diesel engine

New CitroŽn DS5 is innovation. This exciting addition to the distinctive DS line is the ultimate new flagship model for CitroŽn...

Citroen DS5 featuring 200bhp hybrid diesel engine

Citroen DS3 Ultra Prestige with e-HDi 110 diesel hybrid

Powered by a punchy THP 155 petrol engine or a fuel and CO2 efficient e-HDi 110 diesel with Stop & Start, prices start from £20,700...

Sharper & greener Citroen C1

Citroenís popular C1 has a sparkling new look and even greater buyer appeal for 2012. The brandís entry-level city car has already attracted...

Sharper & greener Citroen C1

Citroen C3 e-HDi 70 - just 87g/km

Citroen has announced the introduction of its most CO2 efficient conventionally powered model to date - the new C3 e-HDi 70 Airdream EGS VTR+...

Citroen C3 e-HDi 70 - just 87g/km


CitroŽn is extending its successful C4 range with the introduction of the New CitroŽn C4 AIRCROSS...

"citroen aircross"

Ten green sub-100g cars from Citroen

Starting this month, CitroŽn customers can drive away in one of 10 models that emit less than 100g/km CO2...

Ten green sub-100g cars from Citroen

New Citroen DS4

DS4 combines head-turning good looks with an unrivalled driving experience - both fundamental to the DNA of the DS line...

ds4 pictures

New Citroen DS5

CitroŽn has revealed the eagerly anticipated third model in its innovative and distinctive DS line: DS5.  Designed to express the full extent of CitroŽnís...

New Citroen DS5

Fuel-efficiency the antidote to budget uncertainty

With fuel duty at the pumps cut, but an increase in tax on oil production alongside a new fair fuel stabiliser, increased rates of Vehicle Excise Duty...

Fuel-efficiency the antidote to budget uncertainty

Citroen C-ZERO deliveries reach UK

With first C-ZERO deliveries now underway, the Governmentís Plug-in Car Grants in place and new car buyer interest in EVs...

Citroen C-ZERO deliveries reach UK

Two Citroen models can enter Londonís congestion charge zone free

From today - 4th January, 2011 - two stylish CitroŽn models can enter Londonís congestion charge zone free-of-charge...

Two Citroen models can enter Londonís congestion charge zone free-of-charge

Citroen C-Zero confirmed for £5,000 electric vehicle grant

CitroŽn has welcomed the UK Governmentís latest announcement concerning the £5,000 grant for customers choosing plug-in electric vehicles...

Citroen C-Zero £5,000 electric car grant
The new Citroen C4

With attractive, sculpted lines; impressive build quality; and an array of original upmarket features and functions, the new CitroŽn C4...

The new Citroen C4

Citroen zones in on free London driving

Following the Mayor of Londonís recent announcement that all Euro 5 compliant cars emitting 100g/km CO2 or less will be able to enter the Congestion...

Citroen zones in on free London driving

Citroenís Survolt all-electric racing car concept

CitroŽnís Survolt all-electric racing car concept will make its dynamic UK debut as part of The Prince of Walesí Start Eco Car...

Citroenís Survolt all-electric racing car concept

The multi-talented New Citroen DS4

CitroŽn has released first details for the new DS4, a unique and attractive blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility.  DS4 is the second model...

The multi-talented New Citroen DS4

First details of the new Citroen C4

CitroŽn has released first details of the brand new C4.  Designed to exceed the highest expectations, the New CitroŽn C4 boasts a real positive energy...

new citroen c4 green car

Greener Citroen C5 Range

The 1.6HDi 110hp engine in CitroŽnís C5 range has been re-homologated and now offers improved fuel efficiency...

Greener Citroen C5 Range

Citroen Survolt concept

CitroŽn has revealed an electrifying new model at the Geneva Motor Show - the sensational SURVOLT concept...

SURVOLT concept.

Citroen DS High Rider Concept

CitroŽn has released first details of a striking new concept design that will be unveiled at the...

Citroen DS High Rider

New battery for the electric CitroŽn C1 evíie

Axeon, Europeís largest independent lithium-ion battery systems supplier, is to develop a new high...

citroen c1 electric car conversion

Citroen C1 makes a Splash in 2010

CitroŽnís C1 starts the New Year with a smart upgrade - thanks to the introduction of a...

c1 vrt

Citroen C-Zero: The new 100% Electric Car

Zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 emissions and zero engine noise: with the C-ZERO...

citroen c-zero mitsubishi

Improved MPG for Citroenís C3 Picasso

The biggest small car on the road, CitroŽnís award-winning C3 Picasso, is now even more functional and economical...


Citroen C1 electric car conversion

The Electric Car Corporation Plc (ECC) announces the launch of the UKís first 4 seater, Ďall electricí production car...

citroen c1 electric car conversion

The new Citroen C3 Picasso

The funky, and already award-winning CitroŽn C3 Picasso, is the latest addition to the Companyís Picasso family...

new c3 picasso from citroen

New look Citroen C1 with better MPG

Citroen have announced first details of changes to the C1 that will give the chic, ultra-economical city-car new exterior styling, even better fuel economy...

new look citroen c1

CitroŽn second generation Stop & Start

CitroŽn is to launch a second generation of its pioneering Stop & Start technology. Previewed on a striking pearlescent...

citoen c3 start stop

The new look Citroen C4

Changes to the exterior focus on restyling the vehicleís front end, bringing the C4 in line with the prestigious looks...

The new look Citroen C4

Citroen Hypnos Hybrid

Hypnos is an impressive vehicle, combining the dynamism of a coupť with the elegance of a saloon and the space of an SUV...

Citroen Hypnos

Citroen at 2008 Sexy Green Car Show

CitroŽn has hit the silver screen with its most environmentally-friendly cars starring in a short film that pays...

Citroen turns back the clock on rising fuel prices

Research by CitroŽn shows that drivers could be paying up to 27% less per mile for fuel, in real terms...

Citroen's new C5

The all-new C5 conveys a real sense of prestige, with its state-of-the-art design in a classic...

Citroen's cool new C1 and C3 Pluriel Code

CitroŽn has added the C1 and C3 Pluriel ĎCodeí special editions to its range to complement the successful C2 Code...

Citroen's new Berlingo Multispace

CitroŽn has released further details about the all-new Berlingo Multispace, revealing more...


Citroen unveils the new C5

Citroen's "GO LO CO2" promotion

Encouraging even more new car buyers to get into its low emission cars this October, CitroŽn...

Citroen's mean, green, performance machine

Eco-friendly Citroen C-Cactus concept

Citroen is taking the wraps off the C-Cactus, a radically different concept car, as well as the C4 BioFlex...

Citroen C5 Airscape concept car revealed

Citroen will reveal its head-turning C5 Airscape concept car to the world at this yearís Frankfurt Motor Show...

Citroen offers free congestion charge choice

No fewer than 23 models in CitroŽnís current line-up could become exempt from the Londonís Congestion Charge...

It pays to be green

Citroen produces many of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles available, last year selling...

Citroen's new C-Crossover

Citroenís first ever SUV, the C-Crosser, arrives in the UK this July, introducing a new, environmentally-friendly face...

Citroen's 2CV to make a return!

Citroen have revealed pictures of the next 2CV.  After 17 years since the last one rolled off the production line...

Citroen named Manufacturer of the Year

Citroen has been awarded "Car Manufacturer of the Year" in the 2006...

Citroen C-Mťtisse Hybrid Innovation

The elegant design lines of the C-Mťtisse, the latest out-of-this-world concept car from Citroen...

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