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Skoda Fabia GreenLine II achieves 127.8 mpg

17 May 2011

Skoda Fabia GreenLine II


Austrian economy driving specialist Gerhard Plattner has achieved 1,246 miles (2,006 km) on a single 45 litre tank of fuel in a Škoda Fabia GreenLine.  Starting in Reutte, Austria, Plattner drove to Bov, Denmark and back to achieve this impressive feat. The result of his effort is a record-low consumption achieved by the Fabia GreenLine – 127.8 mpg, although the model's official consumption figure is 83.1 mpg (combined). The Austria-based economy driving world champion used Germany's longest motorway, the A7, for his trip from Austria to Denmark and back.


Dr. Eckhard Scholz, head of technical development forŠkoda Auto, said: “We work hard to reduce the fuel consumption in our vehicles. The primary goal of these efforts is to offer efficient technology in all of our models at affordable prices, and our second-generation GreenLine models meet this requirement perfectly. The Fabia GreenLine is going to show what can be achieved by combining refined technology with economy driving.”

The trip was supervised by the International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) who also sealed the fuel tank before Plattner set out from Reutte.

Gerhard Plattner, said: “The Škoda GreenLine models are perfect for fuel-efficient driving. In light of the current fuel prices, not only is that important for one’s own wallet, but also for lowering environmental pollution. With a fuel consumption well below the specified norm, I want to show that besides the car manufacturers, every driver can contribute to further reduce this environmental pollution. It already starts with small details such as the proper tyre pressure."


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