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Peugeot i0n eligible for £5,000 OLEV grant

14 December 2010

Peugeot i0n eligible for £5,000 OLEV grant




Today, the Transport Secretary, Phillip Hammond and Business Minister Mark Prisk announced that Peugeot’s all new electric car, the Peugeot i0n will be eligible for the £5,000 Government Plug-In Car Grant.

The £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant is available for both retail and business customers. It is designed to assist the purchase of a qualifying ultra-low emission car which will be registered in the UK.

To qualify for the grant the Peugeot i0n had to meet a number of strict criteria:

  • Have carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions of less than 75 g/km – The Peugeot i0n has zero tail pipe emissions
  • As a totally electric vehicle, it had to have a range of more than 70 miles – The Peugeot i0n has a potential range of 93 miles
  • It had to have a minimum top speed of 60 mph – The Peugeot i0n has a maximum speed of 80 mph
  • To demonstrate its durability it was required to have a minimum of a three year 60,000 miles vehicle warranty, plus, a three year battery and electric drive train warranty, with a consumer option for a two year battery warranty extension. – The Peugeot i0n has a total eight year 80,000 miles vehicle, battery and electric drive train warranty
  • To demonstrate the reliability of the onboard battery performance, a minimum five year warranty on the battery and electric drive train was required – The Peugeot i0n has a total eight year 80,000 miles battery and electric drive train warranty
  • To ensure high Electrical Safety levels it had to comply with UN-ECE Reg100.00 – The Peugeot i0n meets all the relevant electrical regulations
  • To ensure the best possible crash safety it also had to meet European Commission whole vehicle type approval (EC WVTA, not small series) – The Peugeot i0n meets the necessary type approval and has been designed to achieve at least a four star 2010 – 2011 EuroNCAP rating.

To benefit from the grant, customers purchasing a Peugeot i0n will not have to complete any extra paperwork. All the paperwork will be completed by their chosen Peugeot Dealership and the amount of the grant will automatically be deducted from the cost of the vehicle.

The Peugeot i0n is available in the UK via an “all-inclusive” mobility offer consisting of a four year 40,000 mile contract, with a monthly payment of £415 excluding VAT, which includes:

  • The lease of the vehicle (battery pack considered part of the vehicle)
  • Full warranty cover for the vehicle, battery and electric power train for the period of the lease
  • Full servicing and full maintenance for four years and 40,000 miles
  • Peugeot Connect Services (available April 2011)

At the end of the first four year period, all the benefits are available for a further four years 40,000 miles, at a reduced monthly amount, giving a further four years of worry free motoring.

With average running costs estimated at £1.72 per 93 miles, the energy bill of the iOn is unbeatable regardless of which recharging mode is used.  Carried out overnight or during “off-peak hours” recharging costs can be reduced further and help optimise the use of available power produced by the electricity supply companies.

As an all electric vehicle it also benefits from a range of further cost savings over a conventional internal combustion engined vehicle.

  • No petrol or diesel costs – potential saving of £1538.38 per year
  • No Congestion Charge (where applicable) – saving of £1696 annual charge for London
  • No Parking charges (where applicable, e.g. City of Westminster) – potential saving of £1939 per year - £10 x 230 days of parking, less admin fee

Total potential annual saving - £5173.38 by operating an electric vehicle over a conventional internal combustion powered car.

The Peugeot i0n combines remarkable packaging with a spacious interior, ease of driving, high levels of safety, big car comfort levels and a high standard specification. It also benefits from all the inherent advantages provided by electric technology, namely unprecedented silence, the absence of tailpipe emissions and superb driveability.

Eligible cars and availability dates

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Jan 2011

  • Smart fortwo electric drive: Jan 2011

  • Peugeot iOn: Jan 2011

  • Nissan Leaf: March 2011

  • Tata Vista: March 2011

  • Citroen CZero: Early 2011

  • Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid: Early 2012

  • Chevrolet Volt: Early 2012

  • Vauxhall Ampera: Early 2012

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