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Polo & Golf Congestion Charge Exempt

11 January 2011

Polo & Golf Congestion Charge Exempt


Not only are the highly efficient Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion and Golf BlueMotion models exempt from road tax but, as of this week, they are also exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

Under changes made to the rules governing the London Congestion Charge, vehicles emitting less than 100 g/km of CO2 are no longer required to pay the 10 daily charge to enter the Congestion Charge Zone.  The Polo BlueMotion (91 g/km) and Golf BlueMotion (99 g/km) both fit this criterion, allowing owners to save potentially over 2,500 a year based on a daily commute into the capital.

Beyond the confines of London the Polo and Golf BlueMotion are capable of demonstrating incredible efficiency and low running costs while retaining all the virtues of comfort, quality and refinement you would expect from a Volkswagen.  The Golf BlueMotion, for example, can travel over 899 miles on a single tank of diesel yet is driven, maintained and serviced like any conventional Golf.

All BlueMotion variants feature a series of subtle yet effective modifications aimed at maximising efficiency.  These take the form of optimised aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tyres, Start/Stop, battery regeneration and longer gearing.  The result is less strain is put on the common rail diesel engine, which in turn leads to lower emissions and greater economy.

The effectiveness of these changes was proved last year when a BlueMotion vehicle broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled on a single tank of fuel.  A Passat BlueMotion travelled a total of 1,527 miles the equivalent of London to Gibraltar between fill-ups to set the record.

Despite the keen focus on economy, both the Polo and Golf BlueMotion models are equipped with alloy wheels, air conditioning, a CD/stereo system, electric windows, Hydraulic Brake Assist and ABS as well as driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags and, on the Golf, a knee airbag.


Car review by Mr D from Linvs on 30 September 2011
08 Polo BlueMOTION2: Had this car for nearly 7 months and it's been fantastic to date.  I've always had VW's and this car is true to the brand - understated quality, value & reliability.  I commute over 400 miles per week and have so far never experienced less than 74mpg over each 40 mile trip - and that's driving (my current best is 89mpg! With very, very careful driving).  Opt for the BlueMOTION2 if you want need air-con, as personally I couldn't live without it.  Agreed, there may be a one or two other luxuries missing - but if you miss those you've also missed the point of the car...  And for 'eco' motor with pnly 80bhp it pulls better than most with a good kick of torque (144lbs/ft) that makes overtaking safe and prompt.  It will also fly up hills with ease when necessary.

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