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Home » Green Scooters & Bikes

Electric Scooters, Motorbikes & Mopeds

Electric Bike Introduction

There are a number of Electric bikes available in the UK, some of which can be found below.  Electric bikes makes city commuting easy.  They can be charged from a normal plug at your home or office and have a range of up to 50 miles.  These bikes are exempt from the London Congestion Charge, road tax and often from parking charges.  With few moving parts they are cheap to run and easy to operate, with the obvious advantage of no fuel bills and zero tailpipe emissions.


For a more comprehensive range of electric bikes and electric scooters available and coming soon, please refer to our electric bike news articles.



Electricycle Electric Scooters

Electricycle Scooters

Vectrix maxi-electric scooter

vectric electric bikes

E-max Electric Moped

e-max scooters and bikes

Lexola Electric Bikes

Sakura S50 Electric Bikes

sakura s50 electric bike

EVT 4000e Electric Bike

EVT 168 Electric Bike

Zippe Electric Bike

zippe bikes

Can-Do Folding Electric Bike

elctric folding bikes

Elecscoot Electric Scooters

Smart electric


UrbanMover Electric Powerboards

urbanmovers powerboards


Latest Electric Scooter News  (More Green Bike News)

"New affordable Electric Bikes range for the UK"

New affordable Electric Bike range for the UK

To complement our range of road scooters we are now offering a range of Electric Mountain and City bikes. With only the 36V battery...

BMW C Evolution electric scooter

BMW C Evolution electric scooter

With 11 kW continuous output and 35 kW peak output, the "C evolution" has a powerful motor and provides a high level of riding fun...

Honda Wave110i - fuel efficient, low cost motoring

The new Honda Wave110i is now available in Honda dealers, for all those looking for low-cost, straight-forward and hassle-free motoring....

honda electric mobility

Honda unveiled UNI-CUB personal mobility device

Representing an evolution of the U3-X personal mobility concept device that Honda announced in 2009, the UNI-CUB features a compact...

Smart escooter coming in 2014

Smart escooter coming in 2014

Smart will launch the escooter on the market in 2014. For smart, this is the next logical step in implementing its comprehensive concept...

audi e-bike

Audi teases Urban E-bike with Julien Dupont *UPDATED*

Julien Dupont test the forthcoming electric e-bike ahead of it's official launch...

Smart electric e-bike available to pre-order priced at £2,495

Smart electric e-bike available to pre-order priced at £2,495

The smart electric bike can now be ordered exclusively through smart Retailers ahead of its launch in late May...

£6,690 two-seater electric Renault Twizy hits showrooms today

£6,690 two-seater electric Renault Twizy hits showrooms

Lower powered & cheaper Twizy could come to the UK in January 2013, for drivers aged 16 and over, without the need for full driving licence...

Vauxhall's RAD e urban design concept

Vauxhall's RAD e urban design concept

Vauxhall's RAD e is a stylish and environmentally-friendly urban design concept that offers customers a transport solution in areas...

Renault Twizy quadricycle from £6,690

Renault Twizy quadricycle from £6,690

In the UK, it will grace showrooms to the delight of customers and passers-by alike from 13th April. Priced from £6,690 on-the-road...

Vauxhall RAD electric bike

Vauxhall RAD e electric bike

These are the first official images of Vauxhall RAD e concept vehicle. Vauxhall will present the “RAD e” design...

100 miles range and increased range for 2012 Zero electric bikes

100 miles range and increased range for 2012 Zero electric bikes

Each Zero Motorcycles model is 100% electric and, as a result, is sometimes applicable to receive government rebates or credits...


More Green Electric Bike News

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