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Home » Green Bikes and Scooter » Electric Bikes

BMW C Evolution electric scooter

30 July 2012

"bmw c-evolution electric scooter"

"bmw electric scooter" "bmw-electric-bike" "bmw c-evolution"


BMW has recognised the need for change in cities with growing traffic volumes and rising energy costs and is developing serial production solutions to meet the mobility needs of today and tomorrow. BMW Motorrad has expanded its business activities with the addition of the facet "Urban Mobility".

BMW Motorrad aspires to consistently pursue electromobility at this early stage and has accelerated development of single-track mobility, as well as inspiring design and a new premium philosophy clearly defined by sustainability across the entire value creation chain.


The concept vehicle E-Scooter was presented at the BMW Motorrad Innovation Day 2011 as the first development stage in this direction. Due to their limited performance and range, purely electrically powered scooters have been suitable almost solely for inner-city use with a restricted range of operation up to now. With its sustainable technological solutions, however, the concept vehicle BMW E-Scooter already shows a significantly extended range of operation. 

BMW now presents the near-production prototype of an e-scooter as it might soon go on the market. Since it was conceived as a future-oriented vehicle for commuting between the urban periphery and the city centre, there were two particular requirements for its development: performance figures comparable to those of a maxi scooter with a combustion engine and a long range in realistic conditions of use.

The highlights at a glance:

Innovative electric drive via drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled alternator, tooth belt and planetary gear.

11 kW continuous output (homologation according to ECE R85) and 35 kW peak output.

120 km/h max. speed.

High range of up to 100 kilometres due to large battery capacity.

High-voltage battery with high capacity (8 kWh) and innovative air cooling.

Intelligent recuperation in coasting mode and when braking.

Short charging times.

Synergy effects with BMW automobiles and electrical safety
to car standards.

Hybrid chassis with agile handling due to low centre of gravity.

Powerful braking system with ABS.

Lightweight Metzeler Feelgreen tyres.

Multifunctional TFT instrument cluster and LED daytime running light.

Innovative colour concept and design.

With 11 kW continuous output and 35 kW peak output, the "C evolution" has a powerful motor and provides a high level of riding fun. The top speed is electronically limited to 120 km/h. The scooter supremely handles motorway riding and overtaking - even with a passenger. It is also capable of effortless hill starts on steep slopes with a pillion passenger. In terms of acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h, it comfortably holds its own against current maxi scooters a capacity of 600 cc or more.

At 8 kWh, the storage capacity of the battery is extremely generous and ensures a range of up to 100 kilometres. This means that realistic zero-emissions riding in the big city and in urban environments is no problem at all.


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