Which cars are exempt from the London congestion charge?

The greenest cars exempt from the London congestion Charge include all electric cars, some hybrid cars, and cars emitting the lowest CO2 emission.  For our full guide see our congestion charge guide.

My car emits low emissions.  Is it exempt from the London Congestion Charge?

Refer to your cars log book which will state your cars CO2 emission.  Cars with the lowest emissions are exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge but you still need to register them.  For our full guide see our congestion charge guide.

Where is the best place to look for a second hand green car?

The GreenCarSite classified section always has a range of green car available.  Our classified section is regularly updated with adverts submitted from traders and private individuals.

I don’t live in London, where can I buy an electric car from?

Most electric car dealer are based in London so you may need to travel to London to test drive one due to their limited range.  However if you wanted to purchase an electric car, it can easily be delivered to your door.  Servicing and maintenance can usually be done on a call out basis.

I can not afford to change my car.  How bad for the environment is my existing car?

A quick way to gauge how green your car is, is to check its C02 emission levels.  It is also useful to check how many miles to the gallon (mpg) of fuel it returns.  Once you have these figures, it is useful to compare these to other similar vehicles in its class.

How can I be more green without changing my vehicle?

If you are not looking to change your car, a few easy changes can help make any car even more environmentally friendly.  For more details click here.

How would I charge an electric car if I don’t have off-street parking. 

Electric cars need to be plugged directly into the mains to be charged.  This is because batteries are still too large and heavy to be removable from the car.  Therefore a garage or off-street parking is usually required.  There are however an increasing number of electric car charging points appearing on streets and in some car parks.