Government scheme to boost electric car charging network



Electric mobility has taken another huge leap forward thanks to significant investment in the UK’s charging network that will make it easier than ever to own and run an electric car.

As part of the £37m scheme, the Government has announced that it will contribute 75% to the cost of an installed charger at a home address anywhere in the UK. As well as the home charging bonus, the Government has announced some other major benefits for the entire charging network.

Working with local authorities, the new scheme will see a 75% contribution to the cost of installing public chargers such as rapid chargers – which can charge a LEAF to 80% in just 30 minutes – and also other on-street public chargers. In addition, Government is contributing 75% towards the cost of installing charging points at railway stations, while any public sector organisation – such as the police, NHS, local government – wanting an on-site charging point will now have the installation carried out for free.

Nissan has developed its own Quick Charger technology and has already donated 86 of these free of charge to the UK to help kick-start the country’s charging network.