Green Car Insurance

Carbon offsetting and green car insurance

"green car insurance"

Carbon offsetting is become increasingly common as companies look to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, electricity use and other sources. Carbon offset schemes take many forms – from planting trees to investing in renewable energy – and they are now offered by a number of car insurance providers.

What is green car insurance?

There are many forms of green car insurance including:

  • Specialist green car insurance companies

There are several providers in the UK that now market exclusively to environmentally conscious customers.

These include ibuyeco, which offers a £5 donation to an eco charity for every policy purchased.  By 2011 ibuyeco aim to raise over £1m for eco charities.

  • Car insurance companies with green schemes

Many mainstream car insurance providers now offer schemes aimed at green customers. These include More Than, which offers a ‘Green Wheels’ policy.

The More Than Green Wheels deal places the emphasis on improving an individual’s driving style to make it more green. It provides access to information such as the rate at which they brake and accelerate, the number of short journeys they make and how long they leave the car idling, to help them become aware of the environment when driving and adjust their style appropriately.

Other car insurance providers may allow you to pay an additional premium to contribute to a carbon offsetting scheme.

Should you buy green car insurance?

One option is to compare car insurance quotes online with a comparison website.  If the cheapest quote you receive isn’t from a provider with a green scheme, then you could choose to buy that policy and use the money you save to contribute to an environmental project of your own choice.

ibuyeco Car Insurance

For every Ibuyeco policy purchased a £5 donation to an eco charity will be made– all of their money none of yours.  When you buy a policy ibuyeco ask you to choose from a selection of charities for the donation to go to, helping you feel good about your car insurance.

Every 4 months another 3 worthy eco-charities will be chosen to replace the existing ones. By 2011 ibuyeco aim to raise over £1m for eco charities.

A-Plan Insurance

Here at A-Plan in Chichester, we have identified the difficulty in finding the right insurance for Electric & Green Cars. Despite the Electric Vehicle market growing rapidly, many insurers are still not able to provide cover.

With access to some of the UK’s top insurers we can help you find the right policy at the right price, saving you both time and money. Call us on 01243 850880 to find the best deal for your Car Insurance.