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Renault Twizy quadricycle from £6,690  




The time has come: Twizy is ready to electrify the city! This surprising Unidentified Driving Object will be available throughout the Renault sales network from 15 March 2012. In the UK, it will grace showrooms to the delight of customers and passers-by alike from 13th April. Priced from £6,690 on-the-road, plus monthly battery hire from £45 (3 years/4,500 miles per year), it represents a true revolution in urban and suburban mobility.


Twizy's dimensions are barely bigger than those of a three-wheel scooter. Compact, yet nippy thanks to its electric motor, it is much more agile than a conventional car. In the city, it cuts journey times by 25 per cent compared to a compact city car, mostly thanks to time saved looking for a parking space. Twizy is the only four-wheeler that can park at right angles to the pavement. If you stretch your arms out wide, that's roughly the length of the space you need!

…with good handling and safety

It looks like a two-wheeler, yet it offers the safety levels of a car: Twizy is stable thanks to its four wheels, and equipped with features like seat belts and driver airbag... It even offers effective protection from the weather.

100% FUN, 100% ELECTRIC

Depending on the country and power of its electric motor, Twizy can be driven with or without a driving licence (for Twizy 45, according to national legislation). Customers can choose between an entirely open structure or sides with scissor half doors. Whatever the options, Twizy guarantees a unique driving experience.

Rapid recharging, everywhere

At the front end of Twizy is a flap which conceals the charging cable. The latter simply needs to be connected to any 220V/240V outlet, with a complete charge taking only 3½ hours. With a range of 62 miles, Twizy can be driven all over town and the suburbs. And it takes just a few minutes to charge the battery sufficiently for your drive home.

Nimble, easy to drive and smart

With a kerb weight of just 450kg, Twizy is at least half the weight of a normal car. Thanks to its direct steering, it drives like a car, yet it's even more fun. At just 2.34 metres in length and 1.23 metres wide, Twizy is THE breath of fresh air in the city.

Handling by RST

Twizy may be fun... but it's just as efficient as a car. Its chassis was developed by Renault Sport Technologies, which means it is also sure-footed, thanks to optimised engineering coupled with a very low centre of gravity.

Setting new safety standards for a quadricycle

The rules for quadricycles – essentially four-wheel motorbikes – are the not the same as for cars... Little matter, because Twizy still gets the full benefit of Renault's expertise in automotive safety. It's like a huge helmet which protects its occupants.

Three models, four body colours... and much more

Twizy comes in three versions: Urban, Colour and Technic. The body shell can be specified in white, black, grey, red or even two-tone. The doors, glove box lids and seat trim can be selected in black, blue, red or green. The same is true for the alloy wheels, which are adapted to the colour scheme. Everybody can choose their own style.

Personalising Twizy

Renault has the answer for those who want to take the customisation of their vehicle that little bit further. The two sets of decals which will be available when Twizy is launched are on display on the Renault stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Every possible accessory

Hands-free telephony, a 50-litre carrier bag, a leg cover for protection against the elements, a rear parking sensor... Twizy can be adapted to every need and desire, proving that it’s perfectly possible to be simple yet well-designed!


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