London Congestion Charge Guide

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UPDATE 25/04/2013 – New London Congestion Charge rules have brought the qualifying CO2 emissions figure down from 100g to 75g/km.  Owners can still register a new or existing vehicle that qualifies under the previous 100g/km limit up to 28 June. Their exemption will continue for a three-year transition period, ending on 24 June 2016.  The new rules for the Ultra Low Emissions Discount come in to force on 1 July 2013.

04/01/2011 – The Mayor of London has announced that as of 4 January 2011 a new Greener Vehicle Discount will be created as part of the revised scheme, providing a 100 per cent discount to cars that emit 100g/km of CO2 or less and meet the Euro 5 standard for air quality.

The 4th January 2011 also marks the end of charging in Western Extension and the introduction of Congestion Charge Auto Pay which offers a £1 discount and easier, simpler payments.

The London Congestion Charge

The London Congestion Charge is currently charged at £10 if you pay by midnight on the day of travel or £12 if you pay by midnight the following charging day.  Paying by Auto Pay reducing the charge to £9. It operating Hours are 7:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays and is marked by traffic signs where the charging zone begins.

London Congestion Charge Exempt Cars

The vehicles below qualify for a 100 per cent Congestion Charge discount. You will need to register with tfl to receive the discount.

Cars exempt from the Charge include:

How to Qualify
To qualify for exemption of the London Congestion Charge, you will have to register with Transport for London (TfL).  Details of the application process and forms can be found on the TfL website.  A review of exemption criteria will be carried out in 2012.

Alternative Fuel Discount

The current Alternative Fuel Discount provides a 100 per cent discount to some vehicles that are powered by an alternative fuel (TfL uses the DVLA definition of alternative fuel vehicles – which includes LPG, natural gas and petrol-electric hybrids).  However, some of the benefits of the Alternative Fuel Discount have been outpaced by technological developments in other vehicles. This means that some new vehicles that do not qualify for the Alternative Fuel Discount have better environmental performance than some vehicles that do qualify.  The Alternative Fuel Discount will be closed to new registrations on 24 December 2010.  However, owners of vehicles registered with TfL before that date will continue to receive a 100 per cent discount for a two year period.

More Information

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