New Fiat 500L

"Fiat 500L"

Fiat 500L

The widely acclaimed Fiat 500 family has expanded dramatically with the launch of the all-new 500L. Designed for customers who want a car that combines the 500’s unique personality, style and image with added practicality, capability and size, the five-door 500L goes on sale at the end of March.

The Fiat 500L mixes user-friendly technology with eco-friendliness and plenty of space, all wrapped up in a characterful package. This combination of Italian style together with Fiat’s unique ability to conceive and design cars that are innovative in substance and form, makes it much more than just a typical mini MPV.

By expanding on its concept of ‘space efficiency’, Fiat has developed the new 500L, combining practicality and internal flexibility to produce a distinctive and versatile vehicle, while incorporating the spirit and attitude of the 500.

The Fiat 500L has three trim levels, Pop Star, Easy and Lounge, plus four engine options: 1.4-litre Fire petrol and the 875cc TwinAir Turbo, plus the 1.3 (with manual and automatic transmissions) and 1.6-litre MultiJet 2 turbo diesels.

The 500L has been priced to offer exceptional value for money and to offer a superior standard of equipment compared to the main competitors. The Pop Star and Easy models both cost £14,990 but feature different equipment to target different customer profiles. The top of the range Lounge trim costs only £1400 more but has £2000 worth of extra equipment. Moving from the 95hp 1.4-litre petrol to either the 105hp TwinAir Turbo or the 85hp 1.3 MultiJet costs £1500. To go up to the 105hp 1.6 MultiJet is £1000. The MTA dualogic transmission on the 1.3 MultiJet is £900 more than the regular manual gearbox.

Eco:Drive LIVE

Fiat once again sold the cars with the lowest average carbon dioxide emissions (118.2g/km) in Europe during 2011. As proof of its continued pursuit of responsible and sustainable mobility, the Fiat 500L is also the first car to feature the latest incarnation of Fiat’s multi-award winning driving advice system, eco:Drive LIVE. Developed by the Fiat Group, this is like having a personal in-car trainer. It helps drivers reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by monitoring driving style in real time and giving tips on how to be even more eco friendly.

Eco:Drive LIVE works through the UConnect screen in real time. As well as saving the data of every trip onto a compatible USB memory stick or smart phone, and analysing the results on a PC, the system can also provide live assistance. The result can be immediate improvements in fuel consumption and emissions. This uniquely tailored personalised assistance can reduce emissions by up to 16 per cent.