New Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

"new Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid"

new Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid


With the three engineering priorities “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury”, the new S-Class extends the boundaries of technology on many levels. The S-Class is not just a technological spearhead for Mercedes-Benz but for automotive development as a whole.

As with every generation before it, customers expect the new S-Class to set standards across the board to retain its accolade as “the best automobile in the world”. Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars:

“Rather than being about safety or aesthetics, power or efficiency, comfort or dynamism, our aspirations were ‘the best or nothing’ in every respect. No other car stands for the Mercedes-Benz brand promise more than the S-Class.”

The S-Class is so efficient that it almost sounds utopian: within ten years Mercedes-Benz, by realising “Efficient Technology”, has improved fuel consumption in the 150 kW output category to 64.2 mpg, for example, while the drag coefficient of the new S-Class (cd=0.24) clearly undercuts the previous model’s figure and sets a new benchmark in this segment. The S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID is set to go even lower still with a cd figure of 0.23 thanks to additional aerodynamic optimisation measures. Furthermore, the new model is the world’s first car to dispense entirely with light bulbs in favour of LEDs, pointing the way ahead once again.

Drive system: class-leading efficiency in every output category

In its first year the new S-Class line-up features two hybrid versions, a petrol model and a diesel variant: S 400 HYBRID, S 500, S 350 BlueTEC and S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID. All models boast class-leading efficiency and up to 20 percent lower fuel consumption than the outgoing model series. All the engines already meet the requirements of the Euro-6 emissions standard. In addition to this, the S 400 HYBRID and S 350 BlueTEC meet the strict criteria of efficiency class A, while the S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID even has an A+ rating.

Model data at a glance:

Model S 400 HYBRID S 500 S 350 BlueTEC S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID
Number of cylinders/arrangement 6/V 8/V 6/V 4/in-line
Displacement (cc) 3498 4663 2987 2143
Rated output (hp at rpm) 306 at 6500 455 at 5250 258 at 3600 204 at 4200
Rated output of electric motor (kW) 20 20
Rated torque (Nm at rpm) 370 at 3500-5250 700 at 1800-3500 620 at 1600-2400 500 at 1600-1800
Rated torque of electric motor (Nm) 250 250
Combined fuel consumption from (mpg) 44.8 32.7 51.3/50.41 64.2
Combined CO2 emissions from (g/km) 147 199 146/1481 115
Efficiency class A D A A+
Acceleration 0-62 mph (s) 6.8 4.8 6.8 7.6
Top speed (mph) 155 155 155 148

1Figures for short/long wheelbase