Nissan LEAF remains Congestion Charge exempt

"london Congestion Charge Free"

london Congestion Charge Free

Hundreds of Nissan LEAF drivers will continue to make their way around the nation’s capital from today, safe in the knowledge their 100 per cent electric car remains unaffected by the London Congestion Charge.

While other vehicles – including hybrids – have been stopped in their tracks by a tightening of the C Charge emissions rules and the scrapping of the Greener Vehicle Discount (GVD), the British-built LEAF, the world’s bestselling all electric car, can still enjoy the freedom of the city with a charge of £10 per year rather than £10 per day.

Happily for the ever-growing army of switched-on Londoners and commuters, both the trailblazing original LEAF and the newly-launched second generation model qualify for a new Ultra Low-Emission Discount and continued total exemption from the congestion charge.

But there is some good news for drivers – the Nissan LEAF is now available from just £189 per month – less than the cost of four weeks’ C Charge payments.

And as the groundbreaking LEAF costs just two pence per mile to run, drivers making the switch can cover up to 500 miles – more than four complete circuits of the M25 – for the price of a single day’s C Charge payment.