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Citroen Berlingo e-HDi micro-hybrid

17 January 2012


CitroŽn Berlingo vans with e-HDi micro-hybrid Stop & Start technology enable drivers to automatically comply with Transport for Londonís (TfLís) latest advice to improve air quality in the Capital. In its ĎSwitch Off Your Engineí campaign, TfL says it is beneficial to turn off engines if they are idling for more than a minute.
    CitroŽn Berlingo e-HDI Airdream models automate this process. When a Berlingo e-HDi van comes to a halt, the engine stops automatically - cutting idling time to zero, eliminating emissions and also saving fuel. The engine is automatically restarted as soon as the driver depresses the clutch or takes their foot off the brake (EGS6 models). Not only does the system reduce emissions in line with TfLís latest advice, it also improves fuel consumption by up to 15% in urban driving conditions. The environmental and financial benefits with Berlingo e-HDi Airdream models are available for a small premium (from just £145) above the price of an equivalent standard Berlingo. 

In addition, all Berlingo vans are specified with CitroŽnís unique Trafficmaster telematics package.  This further reduces urban fuel consumption and emissions by offering the fastest congestion avoidance routing direct to the driver. CitroŽn also addresses TfLís concerns about particulate emissions with a Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) fitted to all its Euro 5 HDi-powered LCVs.

Scott Michael, CitroŽnís Commercial Vehicle Operations Manager, commented: ďCitroŽn has a track record of producing low emitting LCVs and we are now offering van buyers even lower emission alternatives, while minimising or eliminating altogether the cost penalty usually associated with new clean fuel-efficient technology. With lower emissions and lower running costs too, itís a win-win deal for van owners and the environment.Ē

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